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Governing Council

With a view to ensure guidance and assistance in the effective and efficient implementation of this project, a Governing Council of eminent persons from different walks of life has been constituted...

Governing Council


The seniors have invested many years in bringing up their kids and gaining a status in the society. Now in the twilight of their lives, they need to be nurtured and respected. This forms the premises of our age old Indian culture.

The gap between each generation seems to be widening in the fast paced world of today. We realize that a rapid socio economic transition is taking place in the society, and our age old values which are alive today in the form of our elders have to be preserved with love and care. To fulfill this niche, we have strived to create a home where the seniors can savor their retirement days in tranquility and joy.

Shantiniketan is a humble effort to fill the emotional landscape of their lives with new hues of solace and cheer. Shantiniketan ensures that these untiring travelers spend their years of retirement with peace, comfort and the dignity that they rightly deserve. It is a home for seniors who put a premium on their independence and take pride in the life of dignity that they have led. Senior citizens of age of 55 years and above will have privilege to Shantiniketan Senior Living.


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